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IQ Option review

Founded: 2013 Min. deposit: 10$
Bonus: YES Free demo account: YES
Regulated: CySEC Instruments: Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, ETFs, Indices, Stocks

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IQ Option trading platform

Intermediary IQoption managed to reveal itself as the best webtrader for novice bidding agents. It is no secret that the start of a successful career begins with the choice of a reliable intermediary. Millions of people started with IQ, learned to earn their first start-up capital, and went into the world of big bidding.

Relatively recently, intermediary launched a new version of its own design – IQ Option 4.0, which is one step ahead of many competitors. This is a real breakthrough in the field of bidding!

IQ Option review

Official website is

The site design has a pleasant look to the eyes, a dark, unobtrusive style helps to tune in to work, the absence of unnecessary details does not distract from the main goal of the trader – making profits when bidding.

Intermediary is registered in the Seychelles at GlobalGateway 8, RuedelaPerle, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles. IQ started its activities in 2012, despite its youth , has a large number of awards. A detailed list of them you can see on the official website.

Signing-in, input and output for IQoption

Unfortunately, since July 2016 at IQoption, login to the account is made only for previously registered users. If one has already opened a real bidding register entry, then one can continue to bid and withdraw money, but for new users of IQoption, access is already prohibited.

Intermediary has three types of register entries – Real, VIP and Demo mode.

Real is more suitable for beginners, since the minimum amount of input here is only 10 dollars. Within this register entry, one has a chance to:

• enjoy all bidding assets without limits,

• every day for free online attend all webinars,

• participate in tournaments and competitions. If one`s deposit exceeds $100, it automatically opens access to free bidding signals from intermediary.

VIP already requires a large investment – from 1000 dollars. VIP status gives you the right to:

• visiting VIP webinars,

• output is carried out in an accelerated mode,

• receiving daily free bidding signals,

• a personal assistant.

• VIP register entry holders are entitled to participate in the analytical meeting that takes place every month.

Input is made instantly, and output – within three working days. To deposit larger amounts, entry register verification may be required. To do this, download scanned copies of your official papers with the main page and signing-in.

One can add and output funds by any means available.

One can bid in a browser or download an installation version for one`s laptop. It has the same functionality as the web version, only works much faster. One will not be disturbed by hang-ups even on weak computers.

Bonus on IQ Option

Intermediary suggests its customers numerous bonuses. If one bids successfully, then at the end of a certain period of time the firm charges with bonuses that one can both output when one achieves certain conditions and use in bidding.

When one first signs in on IQ, one will automatically receive a bonus of 100% of the deposit amount. In this case, status of register entry does not matter. One is guaranteed to get this bonus!

If one does not want to use the bonuses, one can opt out of them in the settings of register entry in the Personal Area.

Training and analytics

Right in the bidding framework window, video tutorials on basic strategies, patterns and graphic models are presented. One can use any of them in bidding and achieve excellent results, since all IQoption strategies are win-win.

In the news section of the market, one gets all the necessary information for making deals directly during bidding. Thus, one will not need to be distracted by third-party resources, because of which an ideal transaction may be missed.

Once clients have signed in, they can begin looking at the marketplace before them and start learning how to trade with IQ Option. Fortunately, there are plenty of tutorials and online webinars that can be used to get better at using this system. These will make trading easier to pick up and provide good info on the marketplace, along with any updates to it that is likewise prevalent on the application.

The next step in this whole process with this system is to figure out what there is to trade on. We know of the distinct instruments, like Forex, Crypto and ETFs but these are each more detailed than simply this. We can investigate these findings to see if some fit the clients better than others might, and through this answering the question is IQ Option legit.


This obviously means foreign exchange and deals with the currency dealings amidst a massive marketplace. Perhaps the largest finance market of all, there is a lot of money moving here and traders make plenty of deals on this every day. The most common is that of currency pairings, which is dealings performed on the pace of change of amongst them. Across these instruments clients can see just how does IQ Option work.

An example of this is the standard EUR/USD asset, which compares two very well-known currencies and clients can speculate on which is going to grow against the other one. When a client selects Forex on the IQ Option system, they can see the specifics accessible for this asset. Here they can tell important info like the spread and multiplier present to them.

The spread is the shift in bid value versus ask value and can fluctuate subject to the opted asset. This is often very small and is what the system uses to afford the costs of initiating these trades. This spread is affected by the multiplier which can expand the power of any investments that are being placed down on the market. A greater multiplier means any bidding is increased and so are profits from such an investment but alongside this so are the risks.

Cryptocurrency and Stocks

The crypto market works like Forex except not with the pairs. Instead, users can negotiate on the value of this resource and make an income from the changes it has in the present market. This also includes spreads and multipliers that affect any actions made on the system. This diverse implementation makes the review of IQ Option much more comprehensive.

Stocks are a more conventional type of market that many will recognise well. Here, trading is done on the copious enterprises that are offered. There are many distinct holdings that are ripe for the picking, giving clients lots of choices to make on the marketplace. These again have such mechanics as the others, like spread and multiplier that change the scenario of these actions.

The Further Options

The Forex and Stock market is the much more common trade room activity that many people use on a regular basis. This can be good for the standard dealings but there are alternative ways to navigate the system here on the IQ Option broker online trading platform. When users click the plus control, they activate the trading set, which has all these instruments. Here they will discover the Options tab that can direct them to either binary or digital options.

Binary and digital options operate much the same way, by giving the client a choice between two possible outcomes. This is generally higher or lower. For binary there is only the simple result of yes or no, but with digital there is also how much the changes are.

When picked, there is a time frame to select. For Binary this can be from just a few minutes, up to a month. Digital only has up to 15 min ahead of the current time. The client then selects the bid value they want to put in and they select the outcome they expect. This is either higher or lower.

Once these have been decided, the strike price is activated, which is the value at time of bid. When the time chosen is over, the charge is compared to that of the strike price, and if the client predicts correctly, they win the bid. If not, they lose their investment placed on this option. For binary this is a fixed sum, while digital also considers the variation in the strike and ending prices.

Free Demo to Practice

Apart from the webinars and news section there’s also further ways IQ Option helps clients to make good assessments and profitable bids on their system. The finest one for this is that of the complimentary demo. This is a powerful tool that makes using the system much easier because there are no costs attached. Tools like these serve to rank this system as one of the most legitimate available.

From the main trade room of this system, the client can easily move to the previous one, where there is a $10 000 pretend account that can simulate the legitimate trading account. This can be used to grow confidence and skills in the market and also helps to identify what is involved with these trades.

The finest element is that it is all on the same login and can be done with great speed. Clients can research on the one and then use this knowledge for the genuine version. It is good for developing plans and helping to pick out the correct assets to use in the market as well as the other instruments.

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Layout and Tools

A big part of the involvement with this system is the way it presents all the info to the clients. The graphics of this is performed really well and looks nice when dealing with the instruments. There are graphs that update immediately and show all the important stuff right away. Clients can zoom in and change the timing of these so they can better predict where the prices might be moving.

When multiple trades are made then they can also have them all displayed in smaller screen at the same time. This helps to not get overwhelmed from many options and forget about some trades that have been created. It also helps to judge some of these because there are some assets that affect others, so watching these can help inform about the others.

While watching these graphics of the instruments used, clients can use tools that plot out projected courses of the graphs. They can plan very well where they believe the values to be heading and adjust their plans to involve this.

There are also useful mechanisms like stop loss and take profit. These allow for multiple trades at the exact time because they are auto closed when certain parameters are met. If something is losing money, they can end the trade and save it from going too far. The same is true for big upward jumps, taking advantage of these quick rises to get the most value from the asset.

There are even more advanced tools that can control the auto closing features and hold them off should the trader think that the marketplace will still turn around. Ultimately the idea is to give as much power to the clients as is feasible. The better they exchange the healthier the program prospers with them.

Mobile Trading

This is not really a tool for trading but is very useful to many clients. The ability to use this system on the cell phone has many benefits. Trades can be made while on the go, which makes it a lot easier to keep an eye out on investments while going about one’s day.

The portable program offers much the same service as the desktop one, a smooth and interactive layout filled with a bunch of resources. All in all, this is just another feather in the cap of the all-round provision of IQ Option for their clients.

Regulations and Support

Good regulations build trust between client and program, making everything easier and move more cost-effectively. There are also regulations protecting the clients’ funds which are very essential to everyone when trading. This provides a peace of mind so that these users can go about their day and make their bids without any worry of external or internal risks.

To add further security and protection for their clients, IQ Option also provides 24/7 support. This helps with any questions or problems clients might face. They are friendly and very helpful, able to assist even with trading queries and strategies.

Extra Fees

In the end, IQ Option is providing an impressive service and in some regard they need to make money from what they deliver to their clients. Fortunately, there are only a few aspects that cost some amount to use and these are minimal for what they provide.

Swap Fees. These are the costs charged to clients that want to hold their positions overnight or through the weekend. The market only operates at certain times, so when these positions are held beyond these open times, certain parameters need to be observed. To help the system provide this, clients will see small charges placed on their investments when they hold them over these periods.

• We have mentioned spreads already. This is the variance in the bid volume and the ask volume, or the buy and sell prices. In this pursuit, IQ Option takes a small consideration on any assets’ values, gaining something put of each of these positions as they are made or taken. The spread varies on the various assets and instruments. It is also affected by the multiplier used.

• For the bulk of the instruments there are no commission costs, instead being replaced by the smaller spreads applied. On some cryptocurrencies however, there are commission percentages extracted, up to 2.9%. This is a very specific charge applied to just these assets.

Withdrawal Costs. For many of the viable payment services there are no charges placed on the withdrawals. Though, for bank transfers there is a fixed amount of $31 applied, relative to the currency being used by the client. This covers the costs of such shifts and can be avoided if utilising other payment services.

Dormant Account Fees. This is a rather unique fee that IQ Option only places on accounts that have not seen any activity for 90 days. For these circumstances, there will be a charge of 10 euros for every month that it remains active. It will only apply to accounts that have a balance left inside, never going into a negative balance.

Withdrawals and Deposits

The mark of a great trading program is its incorporation with the separate payment services around the globe. In order to make payments and buy goods and services online, users require a service that can do just this. This makes these transactions much more viable, so long as they are accepted by the particular service or website.

IQ Option accepts an assortment of these top payment services. This includes the standard top credit card brands like VISA, Mastercard and Maestro. Often more common than the others, these services are all accepted for withdrawals and deposits.

The other disbursement facilities accepted here are the top online wallets like Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney and others. These eWallets are great to use with this service especially as they don’t incur the costs of bank transfers.

Withdrawals and deposits can be made by every one of these and there are even specific banks that are accepted. The procedure of money transfer is contingent on which of these facilities clients use and can range from just a day to several days.


So, we have tried to briefly tell you how to make money on IQ Option. This is truly a revolutionary binary options intermediary which is able to bring bidding to a new level! And no scam!

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