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Finmax Binary Review for South Africa

Founded: 2015 Min. deposit: 250$
Bonus: YES Free demo account: Yes
Regulated: IFMRRC Instruments: Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices, Cryptocurrencies

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It is a binaries intermediary that appeared in 2015. Find FinMax in South Africa – a real leader in the sphere. The company was created by a group of expert traders who decided to help everyone in monetary markets to earn money for a certain share of commission.

To start bidding in assets market with this intermediary, it is enough to log on plus to open a real account for $ 100.

FinMax broker is:

•  Individual client manager;

•  Safe bidding;

•  Social bidding;

•  Option yield up to 90%;

•  Funds are held in a European bank.

Account types

•  BRONZE account

• SILVER account

• GOLD account

• PLATINUM account

• VIP account


FinMax trading platform – a very high quality. Open an account in the company and take a look at how skillfully programmers placed all the necessary elements for bidding on the market.

In the top line we see a lot of bidding means, as well as the percentage of payments on them. This is important in bidding, as bidding with it is a search for mathematical benefits. If the payment on the asset is high, then the final profit per day will be at a high level.

The longer the expiration period of an option, the greater its value. However, you need to take into account the fact that, forecasting price growth in 5 minutes, you cannot use assets with a long expiration period.

Advantages of the FinMax financial services:

•  Top assets for a current day;

•  Assets are placed in the order of falling returns;

•  Payout at the time point is visible on the right of the PUT and CALL buttons;

•  4 bidding indicators for advanced technical analysis;

•  Download asset history for 1, 2 and 5 hours;

•  Under the field for entering investments, use of the Martingale strategy is provided.


FinMax is a multitude of bidding assets plus qualified support for experts. In the event of any issues or conflicts, intermediary agents solve these issues in a few minutes.

Binary options company FinMax:

•  Currencies – 25;

•  Promotions – 43;

•  Goods – 6;

•  Indices – 16;

•  Couples – 2.

Knowing the direction of the media, market analysts, experts of the company FinMax or having read the recommendations of our portal, you can go to any bidding tool and earn funds on it.


To open a deal in the FinMax bidding platform, you need to select a bidding asset that suits your bidding methods, expiration time and price direction. After that, you need to click on the “Buy” button. This action confirms the opening of the deal.

The option will be sold after the expiration time of the option is completed. If the price change was predicted correctly, you will receive a profit of 85-90% of the invested amount.

There are no hidden fees either.


An important element in order for binaries with FinMax to become the main income – market analysis. To predict the price movement, you can use both the analytics from the company, which can give the main reference point for the work, the side in which you will trade, and your own skills in analysis. You can turn for help of FinMax Forbes specialists.


You need to bid only by bidding strategy. On the FinMax website, you can find many interesting and useful strategies that will help you make money. However, even having a good strategy, you need to put in the market only a part of your monetary funds, and not all the funds that are in the account. Of course, one can opt for FinMaxbo credit help, but one should be careful here. Let`s give an example in numbers:

The size of the rate of 5-10% of the deposit;

•  3 rates per hour;

•  4 bidding hours per day;

•  Control of emotions;

•  Discipline;

•  Bidding strategy.

Bidding on binaries with a broker FinMax allows you to earn up to 90% of the profits on each deal. It is known that profits must be withdrawn regularly, therefore, after doubling the funds in the FinMax company account, half of the funds must be withdrawn.


Binaries from FinMax is an intellectual work in the stock and foreign exchange market. Today, tacking the size of the bet, bidding strategies, assets and expiration time, one can earn good money.