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  1. What is Binary Option Auto.
  2. How Does It Works.
  3. Is Is Binaryoptionautotrading Reliable?
  4. Types of Accounts and Trading conditions
  5. Deposits and Withdraws.
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What is Binary Option Auto

In the era of modern technology, many people make money online, for example, on binary options trading. To help these traders, several interesting programs that can automatically close deals based on an analysis of numerous factors have been developed. One of the popular options is the Binaryoptionautotrading review which is discussed in this article.

How Does It Work?

The sense of binary options trading is that the client selects the appropriate currency pair and tries to predict rate fluctuations over some period of time. In the case of a successful deal, he increases profit.

However, personal analysis is not always possible: it is necessary to take into account a large number of factors and make a quick decision. And if several transactions are simultaneously conducted, this greatly complicates the process. Binaryoptionautotrading broker is an automated program that can independently monitors indicators and concludes transactions.

To start trading, you must visit the official website. The robot is a browser program, so it does not need to download or install. When registering, you will need to indicate the phone number, personal data and country of residence. After that you need to come up with Login and choose a suitable broker. An additional plus is that on the site you can find reviews of platforms dealing with the robot.

After connecting and downloading, the program is adjusting, based on the user`s wishes. He can choose important indicators, determine the required currency pairs and select the best strategy. Further, the robot independently searches for suitable transactions, determines the amount of investment and the expiration time, closes them when receiving alarm signals. The minimum bet amount is $ 5, and the total percentage of successful transactions is 73.

Is Binaryoptionautotrading Reliable?

An important factor when choosing an assistant is the lack of risk of becoming a victim of scam. The advantage of the program is that it does not need to be downloaded, which means that viruses or spyware will not get onto the device. The second aspect – the robot appeared in 2016 and managed to pass the test by time. During this time, tens of thousands of traders from Europe, Asia and South Africa praised the features and reliability of the service. In addition, some well-known platforms with high-quality licenses cooperate with this service.

In case of problems or suspicions of the Binaryoptionautotrading scam, the user contacts the support service. However, only online chat on the site is available for communication, and the response time is really long.

Types of Accounts and Trading conditions

In order to activate Binaryoptionautotrading on forex or another platform, you need to open an account. For beginners, the Demo version is available, where transactions makes in virtual currency. Such approach allows user to study the functionality of the system and choose the best settings without the risk of losing real money. The program suggests choosing the optimal expiration time and a suitable strategy:

• The size of bets is regulated within the limits set by the user;

• Strategy aimed at quick wagering after losing bets. The amount increases in proportion;

• A comprehensive analysis of previous transactions (successful and losing) determines the amount of the next bet.

Trading conditions are standard: deposits start at $ 200, the minimum transaction is $ 20, and their simultaneous number reaches 10. There is a stop-loss. Robot can work with one broker or with several available at the same time.

Deposits and Withdraws

Activation of the robot occurs after depositing money into the account. The replenishment conditions depend on the selected Binaryoptionautotrading platform (commission, transaction processing time, bonus accrual, etc.). The minimum deposit is $ 200, and transaction is instant.

Withdrawals usually take 1-3 business days. The program works with popular and reliable payment systems:

• Bank cards Visa, Maestro, MasterCard;

• Electronic wallets Qiwi, Yandex, Skrill, Neteller, EasyPayments.

Terms of Service

It is very important to make the right choice of an assistant, carefully analyzing all the pros and cons of the Binaryoptionautotrading program.


• A simple and convenient site, where there are also reviews of suitable brokers;

• No need to download the program, which reduces the risk of getting virus software or becoming a victim of scammers;

• Free program with clear settings and excellent functionality.


• Poor information about the creators and the work of the robot, which raises suspicions;

• Mediocre support help – long response time, unresolved problems, etc .;

• Spam from the bot on e-mail;

• Poor number of brokers working with the program (9 options);

• Average rate of profitable transactions (73-75).

This robot can be profitable for the client, if good settings are selected. But the lack of proper reliability and a small amount of information, along with poor-quality support service can push away from the choice.